Stitchmill Clothing

The Henley Shirt

 Worn on its own, or as your favorite layering piece, the Henley shirt is the foundation for an effortless, confident look. 

Effortless Style

We strive to create clothing that makes guys look good with ease. Grab your Henley, throw on a pair of pants and head out. Fashion should be as easy as that.

Proudly American Made

Making a quality product in America takes hard work. Along our journey, we've been fortunate to meet resilient craftsmen and women keeping the spirit of American manufacturing alive. We're proud to make Stitchmill in small batches in the US and join in on this tradition

Our Story

About Us

We're Sam and Alden. We started Stitchmill in 2014 to create quality, modern versions of the classic Henley style. The Henley shirt has been providing guys with a comfortable, confident look for generations, and we couldn't believe brands weren't paying attention to it. We've had a blast building relationships with American Manufacturers, running a Kickstarter campaign, traveling up and down the east coast attending festivals, and meeting so many of you along our journey. Thanks for checking us out. Hope to see you out there soon,

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